Stratcore Group

Stratcore Group, a premier Afro-Asian consultancy and advisory body, is the combination of four important divisions. Our main agenda is to serve our clients in a better way and provide them with the strategic information, advanced research and insightful analysis which we consider as our core areas of expertise. The Stratcore Group has different types of clients spreading across several continents belonging to various governments, think-tanks, private companies, defence industries, researchers, NGOs, policy advisors, military leaders, universities and independent experts. Our specialist areas are Military Security, Trends in Defence Industries, Strategic Defence Issues, Foreign Policy, Indian Domestic politics, Energy Security, Terrorism, Maritime Security and Nuclear Issues.

However, Stratcore Group comprises of four outfits such as CASS-India, Strategic Affairs, New Warfare and Stratcore India

The Centre for Asian Strategic Studies – India (CASS- India) is a Delhi-based privately run independent think-tank that investigates, researches and analyses issues involving military, diplomacy, terrorism, anti-piracy, nuclear issues and strategy concerning India, China, Japan, ASEAN, Australia, Iran, …

New Warfare is a web portal which specializes on providing in-depth analysis and new development in the field of cyber security solutions and space technology. With the changing scenario of future warfare and an increased demand of a dedicated aerospace command by various military forces, cyber ….

STRATEGIC AFFAIRS, bi-monthly military affairs publication of Stratcore Group, covers a wide range of defence issues involving military strategy, weapons as well as various platforms, and geo-politics involving Afro-Asian region while focusing India. The magazine’s prime contents are well researched……

Stratcore India – an advisory and consultancy firm – is the youngest organization of the Stratcore Group. Indeed, Stratcore India is formed with a specific purpose of providing the international business giants and policy makers with a detailed overview of the changing patterns and diversified interest of….